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Ok I don't know about you, but when I hit my forties, I found it extremely hard to find clothes and styles that suited my changing body type. Whenever I went into the shops I would search rack upon rack of gorgeous clothes. They looked good on the hangers, but when I tried them on, it became increasingly evident the styles were geared toward the younger crowd, like my beautiful 13 year old daughter.

I can't tell you how frustrating it was to go into stores and try on the 'latest styles'. They looked ridiculous on me! I would go with my daughter and she would find millions of things, that look great on her. She would leave the store with bags and bags of clothes and I'd be lucky if I came out with a pair of socks. I always felt like going up to the shop assistants and saying, I really do want to spend some serious money in this store, but I can't find anything that looks remotely good on me.

Take the skinny jeans as an example. I love the thought of them, but my body doesn't! Trying to get them over my calves is a major endeavor. If I bend down, they either expose a good portion of my bottom or create a muffin top of overhanging flab.  Plus have you ever tried to wear them on a long haul flight? Comfortable they are not!

And don't get me started on underwire, push up bras or baggy tops that make hips look wider, than narrower….

The other thing that bugs me about clothing these days is the poor quality of fabrics. I hate wearing synthetics and tend to be more of a natural materials kind of gal, like cotton, linen or silk. Organic is even better, if it looks fashionable (which most of the time it doesn't!). To me these fabrics feel much nicer against my skin and let my skin breathe better.

So this blog is my attempt to seek out good quality, affordable clothing that looks good on the aging body. I'm sure I can't be the only woman out there in her mid forties, or older who feels this way. I still want to retain my youthful, stylish ways (delusional, yes, but you are as young as you feel right? The body might be aging but my mind is not!)

So if you are 40 or over, join me as I search for fashion that suits my age, body and mind. Enjoy!

Please Note: Sometimes my Polyvore creations include items that I have complained about here. That's because sometimes fashion overrides common sense. So until the fashion styles change for women my age, I'm stuck with what I can get!

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